10 Best Bluetooth Speakers In India- one needs to look before buying

best bluetooth speaker in India

21 century is the era of innovations. Therefore, the time changes a lot. Due to the continuous improvement of Bluetooth devices, today’s generation concentrates more on innovative things. Now people prefer minimalistic designs than the traditional wired design of a speaker. That’s the reason popular phone manufacturers started removing audio jacks from their devices.

Giant tech companies are continuously working on various streaming apps to provide the best on the go experience to their customers, and their main motive is to make music a part of daily routine. In this scenario, Bluetooth speakers are the best companion because it can provide extra portability in travelling, parties, etc. which increases the popularity of Bluetooth speakers significantly.

Bluetooth speakers can also be an integral part of smart homes for their minimalistic designs, which attract the eye of customers significantly. It is the best option to listen to uninterrupted music anywhere in your house.

List Of 10 Best Bluetooth speaker In India

  • JBL Xtreme 2 Portable
  • Ultimate Ears Boom 3
  • Bose SoundLink Mini II
  • Bose SoundLink Micro
  • Sony SRS XB12
  • Boat Stone 1000
  • Sony SRS-XB41 Extra Bass Waterproof
  • JBL Flip 3 Stealth Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Mic
  • Sony SRS-XB10 EXTRA BASS Splash-proof Bluetooth Speaker

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Best Bluetooth Speaker In India

1. JBL Xtreme 2 Portable

The famous portable boombox wireless Bluetooth speaker, JBL Xtreme 2, has passive radiators, including a special featured speaker that delivers excellent output outdoors and indoors both. It can be connected to dual devices at a single time.

It will act as a useful power bank for smartphones in case of an emergency or at the time of traveling a long distance that can be carried easily. This remote sensing speaker is the best Bluetooth speaker in India has the Bluetooth version of 4.2 along with JBL connect plus, tweeters, woofers, etc. which is enough budget-friendly.


JBL Xtreme 2 Portable speaker allows the user to continue the communication by creating a secure connection. It supports Google Assistant as well as Siri for iPhone users. This functionality has spread the demand for this portable Bluetooth speaker all over the world, including Android and iPhone users both.

The users will remain worried free as the manufacturers of the most renowned JBL Xtreme 2 Portable are concerned enough about the water resistivity. Hence people become excited to get this speaker as it is purely waterproof. Water cannot damage any part of this speaker even after dipping it into the water.

JBL Xtreme 2 Portable speaker is mostly for those who love to listen to balanced and more refined sound all the time. They can easily choose JBL Xtreme 2 Portable Bluetooth speaker without any hesitation or looking forward to another brand of Bluetooth speaker.

2. Ultimate Ears Boom 3

The most demanding medium-sized wireless Bluetooth speaker Ultimate Ears Boom 3 is famous enough for its sophisticated function of speaker. The primary aim of the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 speaker manufacturers is to deliver continuous sound through which everyone can feel the actual rhythm of the music.

The great Ultimate Ears Boom 3 speaker is suitable to use any social events or occasions where the better source is not readily available. For poker nights, pool parties, and other functions, it can be the best as well as a trustworthy companion without any failure.


This Bluetooth speaker has punchy bass with control buttons where a plus sign is there through which volume can be controlled very easily. It becomes the main reason to purchase this Ultimate Ears Boom 3 speaker without thinking twice.

Keeping mind of the current requirement, the manufacturers of Bluetooth speakers have put more effort into its compactness along with its classic look. The sound frequency of this speaker attracts the youngest generation of today.

It lasts for an average of 10 to 15 hours without any break. This Bluetooth speaker can be a big deal to those people who are immensely looking for the best Bluetooth speakers in India and searching for a useful speaker that will satisfy for a long time duration.

3. Bose SoundLink Mini II

Another reputed Bluetooth speaker who has achieved a satisfactory position in the present competitive field of Bluetooth speaker is the Bose SoundLink Mini II. The main reason for increasing the popularity of this Bluetooth speaker is its compactness as it is less weighted and hence become the best Bluetooth speakers in India.


The deep bass of this Bluetooth speaker follows the pairing process and also offers voice prompting to complete the process of pairing. The Bose SoundLink Mini II has a particular aux port. It can remember more than 7 individual devices at a single time.

The Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth speaker remains active for 10 hours after charging once. This speaker has a specific button through which everything can be controlled. The user can change music one after another.

This Bluetooth speaker uses the most potent and standard micro USB. As a result of this, the users who have Android handsets can charge their phone by using this speaker.

4. Bose SoundLink Micro

Bose SoundLink Micro is the speaker that is fruitful for those people who are searching for top-notch Bluetooth speakers at a very reasonable price range and compact size. This Bluetooth speaker comes with a flat top microformat, which makes it very comfortable to carry at any place.

This speaker can be used at various places like bedroom, kitchen, shower anywhere as it can be easily placed in less area.


A micro charging USB port is attached in the Bose SoundLink Micro along with control switches. These switches are on the top of the speaker through which various functions such as voice, pairing, and volume can be controlled as well as adjusted as per the requirement.

This speaker can be damaged free even after the continuous contact with the dust and the water. This speaker’s functionality attracts all. Now it has been added in the list of the best Bluetooth speakers in India.

The Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker lasts up to 6 hours after changing once. This micro Bluetooth speaker has a well-defined certification from the reputed IPX7. It certifies the water resistivity of this Bluetooth speaker.

5. Sony SRS XB12

Sony SRS XB12 is one of the trusted Bluetooth speakers who deal with the smartest function to deliver great sound. This wallet-friendly Bluetooth speaker has punchy bass along with a waterproof facility.

A detachable strap which is made of rubber is provided with the speaker. This cylindrical structure Bluetooth speaker feels solid by touching it due to its premium build. For use in outdoor areas like the beach and the pool, the Sony SRS XB12 Bluetooth speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers in India.


This Bluetooth speaker is manufactured by following the innovative technology of Xtra Bass, which ensures the smooth operation of this Bluetooth speaker. This Bluetooth speaker stays in action up to 16 hours after charging one time only.

Music controlled option is there in the speaker, which confirms its flexible controlling facility without facing any difficulty. The speaker is loud enough and takes less charge when it remains active.

6. Boat Stone 1000

Another useful Bluetooth speaker who has already earned enough reputation in the current era is the Boat Stone 1000. This water-resistant speaker has an inbuilt mic through which any call can be received.

Control buttons of this wireless Bluetooth speakers are placed on the left side, and some volume keys are there to change the music by controlling the button.


IPX5 rating of this Bluetooth speaker confirms that it is shock resistant. It remains active for at least 10 hours. This Boat Stone 1000 supports AUX connectivity and Bluetooth version 2.1 plus EDR.

Onboard control of this Bluetooth speaker along with aux port gradually increases its demand to all music-loving people and thus become one of the best Bluetooth speakers in India.

Bluetooth speaker vs. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is purely based on the ecosystem of amazon. Therefore, there are lots of compatibility issues. It is observed by the users that there is a big problem in the synchronization of Amazon Echo with apple devices. On the other hand, Bluetooth speakers work on a universal Bluetooth connection, so there are no chances for synchronization issues.

Jargons Associated With Bluetooth Speakers

Rattling sound occurs in Bluetooth speakers at that time of operation, which is caused by loose parts in the speaker. This sound happens if any screw is not installed correctly during production. Hence, it may deliver an insecure connection, and the Bluetooth speaker may suffer from damage issues.

Bluetooth Speakers With Mic

Traditional wired speakers deal with excellent sound, but it does not offer a voice control facility. But the trending Bluetooth speakers have excellent voice control for their inbuilt microphone. These Bluetooth speakers can easily be connected with an audio cable and also via Bluetooth through which the user can request to play any song. Not only this, but it also can set timers and check the present weather only with the voice.

Some popular voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Microsoft Cortana support the latest Bluetooth speakers. Voice control becomes more compatible by using the innovative Amazon Echo Input. It can connect the speaker with standard cable without compromising the sound frequency.

Sony SRS XB 12, Bose SoundLink Micro offers excellent voice control functionality in a reasonable budget as well as they also provide the call receiving feature. It gives a significant lead for these speakers from other competitors.

Bluetooth Speakers For Car

Nowadays, people are focusing more on music devices in their private vehicles at the time of travel. Due to the compactness of portable Bluetooth speakers, they are best suitable for cars. Therefore they are the best companion for those who love to travel.

With the help of portable Bluetooth speakers, one can check the latest news, weather report, and more important things on his favorite FM radio station from his or her car on the go. Not only these, but they can also control the entire system without facing any difficulty. Even a child can operate these Bluetooth speakers very quickly.

There are a large number of useful Bluetooth speakers which are mainly used in the car. Jabra Freeway Bluetooth in-Car Speakerphone is one of the best car Bluetooth speakers which provides all on the go functionalities in your vehicle.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

People always want a Bluetooth speaker, which will be waterproof. Some latest brand Bluetooth speakers are waterproof. These devices can protect any minor damage. The latest wireless Bluetooth speakers from the trusted brand provide speaker which can be used in stormy weather. People can enjoy every single beat of the music in the swimming pool, beach. Some portable Bluetooth speakers are submersible. It can even tolerate a sudden accidental plunge wherever the person is in the lake or pool.

A few portable Bluetooth speakers come with as much strength that a single drop into the puddles cannot give a single scratch. Nowadays, people concentrate more on wireless Bluetooth speakers rather than those traditional wired Bluetooth speakers.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3, Sony SRS XB 12, Bose SoundLink Micro are some of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers which can be considered for buying.

Boombox Speakers And Soundbar Speakers

One cannot imagine Bluetooth speakers without loud and enjoyable sound. Notably, at a party, a good quality sound speaker is needed to bring the main attraction of the party. For creating a pleasant environment of music along with colorful lights,

Boombox and Soundbar speakers can be a suitable option for those who want to arrange a delightful party decoration. Lights and loud music are the main themes of a party. Boombox and soundbar Bluetooth speakers are available with different strobes.

Lights in these types of Bluetooth speakers have multiple colors that are fully synchronized with the music. It enhances the party experience. Famous brand JBL offers the best Boombox and soundbox speaker named JBL Boombox and JBL Bar studio, which can be considered for buying.

There is a wide range of offerings in the market, which can make you confused, but here are some of the best speakers listed, which you can consider according to your purpose and budget.

Types of Bluetooth speakers Outdoor Large Spaces Home Voice Assistant
Required functionality Water-resistant to use in all weather Loud and reacher sound for the great music experience to everyone Outstanding sound with very styling appearance Excellent sound with a voice assistant in-built
Suitable Product Ultimate Ears Boom 3 JBL Xtreme 2 Portable

Boat Stone 1000

Bose SoundLink Mini II

Bose SoundLink Micro


Sony SRS XB12


How To Pick The Best Suitable Bluetooth Speakers

A few aspects need to consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker, which can be very handy in your day to day usage.

1. Understanding The Specifications

When questions come for the purchase of any products, the first most things which need to be considered are the specifications of the products. Bluetooth speakers are not exceptional. Everyone’s need is different; therefore, according to the actual need, one needs to choose a product over others.

For example, someone who prefer louder sound her or his chosen products will not be suitable for that person who prefers more bass or clarity in the music. Therefore the selection of the best suitable product based on the needs is necessary.

2. Frequency Response

Frequency response is the speaker’s ability to reproduce the output audio. It is measured in Hertz, which consists of a frequency range. Therefore a more full range seams to richer sound. Every individual’s hearing range is different; therefore, a more extensive frequency range will be best suitable for most of the persons.

3. Bluetooth Version

The version of Bluetooth installed on the speaker is one of the significant aspects which need to be considered before buying. It is the main communication gateway of your device and speaker in which signals are transmitted. More latest Bluetooth version means you can connect your device from more distance, and the transmission quality of your audio will be more distortion less.

4. Drivers

Drivers ensure the best possible sound quality in your Bluetooth speakers; therefore, choosing a Bluetooth speaker with an excellent driver is necessary. One needs to go for the devices which have more significant drivers, but if the driver size increases, the size of the speaker also increases. Therefore one needs to find the right balance according to his or her needs. Most Bluetooth speakers have 40 mm drivers now, which is considered the proper balance.

5. Connectivity

Along with Bluetooth having extra connectivity features such as AUX, NFC, etc. will be a better option for a wireless speaker. These functionalities come very handily in day to day usage as well as provides more opportunities for the user to synchronize the speaker with their device and maintain the latest trends in music. Therefore people always need to go for Bluetooth speakers who have more extensive connectivity options.

6. Charging style

Having different charging options is safer when it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers. If your speakers have wireless charging functionality and power bank functionality along with standard charging capability through USB, then it can be a better companion in traveling. Though wireless charging can increase the budget to a significant extent.

Some Frequently Asked Question Related To The Best Bluetooth Speaker In India

1. Why buy portable Bluetooth speakers over the wired one?

If you like minimalistic designs that can provide more stylish looking, the Bluetooth speaker is the best choice for you. Bluetooth speakers also offer better portability than the regular traditional wired speakers, which is another major point to consider this speaker.

2. Will Alexa connect to Bluetooth speakers?

Yes, Alexa will connect to Bluetooth speakers. The virtual assistant Alexa is fully voice-activated, which is from Amazon. Alexa can get any useful command from users.

3. Can Bluetooth speakers connect to Smart TV?

Yes, Bluetooth speakers work with Smart TVs perfectly. If your TV has Bluetooth functionality, you can enjoy the seamless music experience with Bluetooth speakers.

4. Can Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Connect To Desktops?

Yes, it is possible to connect the Bluetooth speakers with desktops. In that case, you only need a Bluetooth dongle to pair the Bluetooth speaker with your desktop. Always go for the best quality dongles to enjoy the uninterrupted listening experience for a long time.

5. Can Bluetooth Speakers Work With Wi-Fi?

No. Most of the Bluetooth speakers do not have Wi-Fi connectivity. They rely entirely on standard Bluetooth connectivity, but some of the speakers offer some new connectivity options such as NFC (Near Field Communication).

6. How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers With My Device Without Any Problem?

First, you need to turn on the Bluetooth on both your device and Bluetooth speaker you will get an option of nearby devices in your device in which you can able to see the name of your Bluetooth speaker. After that, you need to click on the name of the Bluetooth speaker, and it will automatically be paired with your device

7. Which Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Are The Latest?

Currently, the latest Bluetooth version is Bluetooth 5.0. But there are only a few Bluetooth speakers that offer this connectivity, and they are very costly. Therefore one can go with the speakers who have above Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

8. How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work?

Bluetooth speakers usually work with short-wavelength by following wireless technology, which can build a personal area network. It has an ISM band that varies from 2.4 GHz to 2.485 GHz. When the Bluetooth speaker and the device of the user secure a strong connection, at that time, the speaker starts working.

9. Who Should Buy A Portable Bluetooth Speaker?

The person who wants a travel-friendly speaker, a portable Bluetooth speaker, is always suitable for him. If anyone is searching less weighted speaker with loud playback sound, in this case, also the portable Bluetooth speaker will be his best choice.

10. Will portable Bluetooth Speakers Allow Us To Receive Phone Calls?

Yes. A Bluetooth speaker having a microphone will allow taking phone calls though it depends on the brand. A reputed Bluetooth speaker brand always has an additional button to receive incoming calls.

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