5 Health Benefits Of Yoga

5 benefits of yoga

You must have heard that yoga is beneficial for our health, and it is also possible that some people have even tried it and discovered that it makes you feel better. A consistent practice of yoga offers you various physical and mental health benefits. Some of the expected benefits of yoga are improved flexibility. Today in this post, we are going to explore 5 health benefits of yoga. So let’s discuss.

1. Improve Flexibility

Moving and stretching in a new way will increase your flexibility and bring a more excellent range of motion to the tight areas. Your regular practice will help you gain flexibility in your hamstring, back, shoulder, and hips.

With the increasing age, our body’s flexibility decreases, especially when you spend a lot of time sitting, leading to the pain and lack of mobility. But by performing 30-40 minutes, yoga regularly can help you to gain normal mobility.

2. Build Strength

In many yoga poses, we hold our body weigh in new ways, including balancing on one leg (such as tree pose) or supporting yourself with your arms either by one or both hands (such as size plank and downward-facing dog, respectively). Performing these yoga poses every day helps you to improve muscle strength.

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Along with increasing muscle strength performing yoga asana for a long time, you can improve muscle tone. With yoga’s help, you can tone up your muscles in legs, arms, back, and abdomen.

3. Improve Your Body Balance

Body balance is also essential, and yoga helps you to improve your body balance. There are various poses or asana (such as standing on one leg) that allows you to increase your body balance. It is also crucial for getting improved core strength that keeps you upright.

4. Good For Joint Health

In old age, people typically experience joint pain, but with yoga, one can reduce their joint pain. The movement required for performing yoga is low impact, allowing you to use your joint without injuring them.

Performing yoga for a long time also improves muscle strength around the joints, which is crucial for reducing joint pain. People with arthritis issues are advised to regularly perform yoga poses as they allow people to ease their pain.

5. Prevent Back Pain

This is the standard-issue among the people, and a painful back can ruin one whole day. There are various reasons for back pain, but one of the most common ones is the lack of movement. But don’t worry about the yoga poses. You can avoid a painful back. Various poses can help you to reduce back pain. Yoga asana improves your flexibility and strength of the back muscles, which results in reduced or less frequency of pain in the back.  

Some Yoga Poses You Should Try Everyday For Good Health

There are various yoga poses which you can perform daily, but here we have listed a few of the crucial yoga asana which one should perform regularly

1. Bridge- Bandha Sarvangasana

Back pain is the major issue among the people, and the bridge is one of the best Yoga poses, which helps people get relief from back pain. Your spine gets to stretch in this yoga poses, and not only your spine but your chest also gets open. And opening your chest relieves aching of the upper back, and it also helps you with breathing by creating better airflow.

2. Downward Dog- Adho Mukha Svanasana

This yoga pose is good for getting new oxygen towards your brain and allowing your body to calm down on its own. Along with this, Downward dog helps you with obtaining a nice deep stretch.

3. Child Pose- Balasana

Relaxation is essential, and Child pose helps you to relives your back, hips, and neck by stretching and smoothing them out at the same time. During this poses, it is crucial to breathing.

4. Tree- Vrksasana

This one of the simplest yoga asana, which is all about stability. During Vrksasana, you need to maintain good body posture.

5. Corpse- Savasana

This should be your last yoga asana as it helps you relax your mind and body after a long session of yoga. This yoga asana allows you to rejuvenate by lowering your blood pressure and cleans your mind and giving you good mojo.

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