Back Pain Causes And Exercise

back pain cause and exercise

Back pain is one of the significant issues in India, and most of the people are suffering from back pain. It is one of the considerable problems of disability worldwide. But by adopting some changes in the daily routine, you can get rid of these issues. But is some conditions, people need to undergo surgery to get relief from these issues.

The pain in the back may occur due to injury, activity, and some medical conditions. This pain may occur at any age, for different reasons. But as the people get older, the chances of developing back pain is very high, and it is due to the various factor like previous occupation and degenerative disk diseases.

Symptoms Of Back Pain

Signs and symptoms of the back pain may include

  • Muscle ache
  • Stabbing pain
  • Pain which radiates down your leg
  • Pain that worsens with bending, lifting, standing, or walking
  • Pain that improves with reclining  

What Are The Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain that comes suddenly and lasts for more than six weeks (acute) can be due to the fall or heavy lifting. Those types of back pain, which last for more than three months (chronic), are less common than acute back pain. Pain in the back may occur without a cause that your doctor can identify with a test or imagination.

Although there is the various cause of back pain here, we have listed a few most common cause of back pain:

1. Muscle Or Ligament Strain

Repeated heavy lifting or a sudden awkward movement can strain your back muscle and spinal ligaments, causing pain in the back. If your physical condition is weak, then constant strain ou your back can cause painful muscle spasms.

2. Ruptured Disk & Bulging

Between the bones in your spine, disks act as cushions. In some conditions, the soft material inside a disk may get ruptured and press on a nerve. However, sometimes reputed disk may not cause back pain.

3. Arthritis

Osteoarthritis can affect the lower back. In some cases, arthritis in the spine can narrow the space around the spinal cord. This condition is called spinal stenosis.

4. Movement And Posture

Back pain may also occur due to some daily activities or poor posture. For examples

  • Twisting
  • Coughing or Sneezing
  • Muscle tension
  • Overstretching
  • Bending awkwardly
  • Pushing, pulling, lifting, or carrying something
  • Standing or sitting for long periods
  • Straining your neck forward, such as when driving or using computer
  • Long driving sessions without a break
  • Sleeping on a mattress that does not support your body and keeps your spine straight

5. Other Causes

Some medical conditions can lead to back pain

  • Cauda Equine Syndrome

It is a bundle of spinal nerve roots that arises from the lower end of the spinal cord. Its symptoms may include a dull pain in the lower back and upper buttocks. Along with that, you may experience numbness in the buttocks, genitalia, and tights. This condition may also occur due to the bowel and bladder function disturbance.

  • Spine Cancer & Infection

Sometime you may experience painful back due to the tumor. A tumor present in the spine may press against the nerve, which results in back pain. Spine infection also leads to back pain: fever and a tender lead to the spine infection.

These conditions are the most common cause of back pain. But sometimes you may experience pain in the back due to the sleep disorder as well. There are ways to get rid of the painful back, but here we have listed some exercise to get relief from back pain.

Exercise For Back Pain

According to the researchers, exercise increases the blood flow to the lower back area, which may reduce the stiffness and speed up the healing process. Below we have listed a few best and crucial exercises for back pain.

1. Bridge


It exercises work on person Gluteus Maximus which is also considered the most massive muscles of the buttocks. When you move your hip, the Gluteus Maximum gets engage. This muscle is one of the vital muscles of the human body. To perform this exercise

  • Lie of the ground and bend your knee and place the feet on the floor with hip-width apart
  • Press the feet on the ground and keep the arms by sides
  • Raise your buttocks off the ground until your body forms a straight line from the shoulder to the knee. Squeeze the buttocks with the shoulder remaining on the floor
  • Now lower your buttocks on the floor and rest for the few seconds
  • Repeat this exercise for 10-15 times and rest for 1 minute
  • Do 3 sets of 10-15 repetition

2. Supermans


This exercise helps you to get strong back extensors to maintain good posture. And Supermans exercise helps you with this. To perform this exercise

  • Lie face down on the floor, stretch both your arms out in front of the body, and keep the legs stretched out and flat on the ground
  • Raise both the hands and feet to create 6 inches gap between your arms and feet from the ground
  • Try to pull the bellybutton, lift it off the floor to engage the core muscles
  • Keep the head straight and look at the floor to avoid the neck injury
  • Stretch your hands and feet outwards as far as possible
  • Hold the position for the 2 seconds
  • Return to the normal position
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times

3. Lower Back Rotation Stretches

Lower Back Rotation Stretches

This helps you to get relief from tension in the lower back. It also gently works for the core muscles to improve stability. To perform this exercise, you can

  • Lie of the floor with the bent keens and make sure to keep your feet flat on the ground
  • Keep your shoulders on the floor now gently roll both of your knees over the one side
  • Hold the position for 5-10 seconds
  • Now return to the normal position
  • Now roll the bent knees over to the opposite side and hold the position for 5-10 seconds and return to the starting position
  • Repeat this 2-3 times on each side twice a day

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