16 Universal Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water (And Not Just On An Empty Stomach)


Medicinal traditions vary throughout the world: there are hundreds of thousands of knowledge associated with this practice, which are based on very different methods – and even conceptions of the world. However, sometimes something as simple as the habit of drinking warm water can be a universal remedy.

Our body needs more than 2.5 liters of water per day to function properly. The water is provided by the 1.5L of water that it is recommended to drink daily, by food but also by hot drinks such as tea, coffee, infusions, etc. Do you know why it is beneficial to also hydrate with hot drinks?

When they are not too hot (<65 ° C), hot drinks bring many benefits to our body.

Both traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine recommend drinking warm water for its many benefits. And not only on an empty stomach but throughout the day.

In addition, cold water wears down the body, which has to regulate temperature after ingestion and creates excess mucus that can disrupt the functions of the immune system.

So drinking warm water, not hot, either on an empty stomach or during the day, is not only a good habit for the reasons that we will explain below, but because it will help you avoid cold water. It is not a miracle remedy but simply a good habit – and traditional medicines and their practitioners know it.

15 universal benefits of drinking warm water

1. Speeds up metabolism

During the night, the metabolism slows down to promote rest. When you wake up, drinking warm water helps to reactivate it more quickly, which helps it to accelerate for longer and stay that way throughout the day. Drinking warm water in the morning on an empty stomach speeds up the metabolism and allows our body to burn more calories. This morning ritual will also allow you to eliminate toxins at the origin, among other things, of premature aging of cells.

2. Reduce toxins

The body’s endocrine system is activated by warm water – which is the process that makes us sweat – which helps us release toxins.

3. Cleanses the digestive tract

Coldwater encourages fat deposits to solidify, while warm water helps them dissolve, keeping the digestive tract clean. When warm water is consumed at the end of a meal, it speeds up the process of digestion of food. Unlike cool water, which freezes the fat in food and deposits it on the intestinal walls, hot warm maintains a temperature high enough for the digestive process to proceed.

4. Purifies the blood

Toxins circulating in the blood. For this reason, according to Ayurvedic medicine, the water should be drunk warm and in copper containers for it to have a purifying effect. There are no scientific studies on this, but it is known that copper purifies the blood, which is why there is a wide range of containers made of this metal.

5. Hydrates

Contrary to what it may seem, warm water also hydrates, only it is not as “refreshing” as cold or cold water. In addition, taking it on an empty stomach helps you reach the daily goal you need in terms of water consumption.

6. Improves circulation

Warm water breaks down accumulations of all kinds in the arteries, thus improving blood circulation.

7. Helps prevent constipation

Stomach constipation usually occurs due to a lack of water in the body. Drinking warm water helps to hydrate the body from the first hour, which will prevent constipation.

8. Facilitates evacuation

Since it promotes bowel movement, it can promote evacuation within minutes of drinking clean water in the morning. Evacuating first thing in the morning is best, as other body activities throughout the day can make this important daily task difficult.

9. Can promote weight loss

Drinking warm water on an empty stomach and with lemon is not a miracle remedy, but it can contribute to weight loss since it provides a feeling of fullness that leads to consuming less food in the morning. In addition, as we already said, it activates the metabolism, which slows down during the night.

10. Stops premature aging

Premature aging is due to the presence of toxins in the body, but warm water can help cleanse the body of those toxins while repairing skin cells to increase elasticity. After drinking warm water, body temperature rises. The pores are freed of impurities and toxins are eliminated, the skin becomes more elastic and the skin texture is refined.

11. Eliminate acne

Thanks to its detox effect, warm water helps improve the appearance of the skin and eliminate acne and blackheads caused by toxins locked in the pores, as well as excess oil.

12. Keeps hair strong and healthy

The scalp is part of the skin – our largest organ – and is where branches of blood vessels form. Keeping the body hydrated helps this part of the skin and these blood vessels stay healthy and grow strong, dandruff-free hair.

13. Relieves pain

It can be an aid in relieving pain caused by menstruation or headaches, as it relaxes the muscles and, as we have already said, it also allows better circulation.

14. Relaxes the body

By promoting a better functioning of the body and giving us a moment of relaxation when consuming it, warm water helps to calm the nervous system, which can save us a lot of stress throughout the day.

15. Promote a better mood

For Chinese medicine, drinking hot water relaxes and activates chi, the vital energy. In its own way, science has proven it, experiencing something physically warm helps promote an interpersonal warmth that has a great influence on humor, making us more generous.

16. Treat A Cold Faster

Drinking plenty of water helps thin excess mucus from the nose and throat. Drinking warm can also decongest the nose and relieve a sore throat.

So don’t miss out on the benefits of warm water and enjoy teas and infusions as much as you want. Be careful not to boil your water to avoid burning your esophagus. The ideal temperature is 60 ° C: heat your water and wait for a little for your drink to cool down before consuming it and enjoying its effects.

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