Better Skin: Nuts and Seeds For Your Skin Heath 

Better skin

If you are thinking of better skin, then you should not stop there like just thinking and doing nothing to make it better. When you are thinking about better skin, do you think of creams or moisturizers or laser treatments or even masks? If Yes, then you are doing it wrong, and also, the way to thinking is not at all appreciated by your skin. Most people only focus on the outer health of your skin, and they do not understand that if your skin is healthy inside, then only they would look healthy outside.

You should never be part of the rat race because your skin does not need any treatment but care. Treatment might make you look pretty for the time being, but that is not permanent. There are so many vital parts that you need to consider, such as the cleanliness of the skin, sun protection, moisture level of your skin, and others. It will be responsible for making your skin look radiant, and you will feel great. Hence, the inner health of your skin is not yet discussed.

Honestly, the outside method is not enough for keeping your skin health good or even help you achieve better skin. Instead, you should start considering good foods to give your body the required building blocks. The blocks will make it strong and healthy inside out. Your skin is a complex organ requiring proteins, vitamins, oils, minerals so that it could look the best.

There are a variety of cell membranes such as elastin, collagen, cell pigments, and you need to keep an eye on. Well, we know it’s complicated, and you do not have to get into this, but you should start changing your food habits and start adding nuts and seeds in it, to make it tastier.

  • Anti Oxidants

Do you know what are they for, and how do they work for your skin? Well, let me make your facts clear. Antioxidants are the substances that you will require to protect yourself from free-radical damage. The best way of getting antioxidants is to eat them. The right food supply will have the back of a lot of free radical fighters. If you are willing to know what is free radical, then we can explain that too.

You already know that your skin is the ultimate barrier between you and the outside world so that it will get exposed to free radicals as a part of your daily life. So, you should know what exactly they do and how you can minimize the effect. In general, free radicals are formed when a molecule has an unpaired electron, and it suddenly becomes unstable. And the electron can damage anything that comes into contact with. So, it can cause inflammation, signs of early aging, and cell damage. So, if you start eating antioxidant, then you can stay protected from all of these.

  • Omega 3 Oil

This oil is associated with cold-water fish as well as heart health. However, if you do not like fish at all then also you will not have to worry because you can get it from plants as well, if you are known with chia seed then you must know that it is the highest source of omega 3 and they are straightforward to find also. Unlike sesame or poppy, you can sprinkle chia onto any food that you like to eat. In that way, you will get the required omega 3 oil without evening trying any new dish.

If you have flex seed or even walnuts, then they are also a great source of omega 3 and the flavour you must be known with.

Do you know what does omega three can do for your skin health? Well, omega 3 is something that your body can not produce, and you will have to eat. To reduce skin redness, restore moisture, and also erase fine lines, there is no such good option rather than omega 3. This oil is necessary for cell membranes that are what the cell uses to hold in the proper amount of water. A healthy membrane means healthy moisture-levels in your cells. 

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is something that your body can not produce so you will have to consider the source. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, and there are many supplements available for this. Some of the sources are chia seeds, nuts, avocados, mangoes, sweet potatoes, and others. If you do not want to eat a lot of sources, then your first choice should be almonds. You need 15 mg of almonds per day for your skin health. That’s the more comfortable option too.

Also, if you do not like the taste of almonds, then you may go for apples, tomatoes, and hazelnuts as well. You can also try hazelnut chocolate spread if you like it. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, and it means, it can only be absorbed by the body if there is a bit of healthy fat around when you will eat it.

Final Thoughts

So, you are known with the necessity of eating functional foods, and that’s for nothing else but keeping your skin healthy excellent and hydrated. Your skin health is the uttermost thing that needs constant follow up, and good food habit is the only option left.

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