COVID 19 Vaccine- Russia Is All Set To Register COVID 19 Vaccine 


Russia is all set to register the world’s first coronavirus vaccine. They plan to enroll the COVID-19 vaccine on 12th August. After the registration, this vaccine will be used to vaccinate everyone to give them the shield immunity against the novel coronavirus. 

Ahead of the all-important launch, the head of the lab, where the COVID-19 vaccine has been developed, has thrown some light on how the COVID-19 vaccine will be working. He said that the vaccine used inanimate particles created based on adenovirus. This novel coronavirus vaccine has been developed in Gamaleya Research Institute, Moscow, and the head of the lab is Alexander Gintsburg. According to the Sputnik news agency report, he said the COVID-19 vaccine has no potential to harm anyone. 

He also added that some people naturally have a fever when the immune system of the person being vaccinated receives a powerful boost, but this “side-effect” can be easily be overcome by consuming “Paracetamol.” According to the reports, all the people involved in the development of the vaccine tested it on themselves, including the head of the Lab, Alexander Gintsburg. 

The Russian health minister Mikhail has already said that the medical worker could be administrated the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine as early as this month. And the industrial production of the vaccine is supposed to begin in September after that the mass vaccination campaign will be launched across the nation to vaccinate the people.

Various expert has raised their concern with the Russian COVID-19 vaccine, including WHO. The world health organization also said that they had not received any official data regarding the Russian COVID-19 vaccine. 

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