Effect of Drinking Water On Heart


Consumption of anything can be harmful. Also of water. Advantages of water in its place, but it is also true that drinking too much water can be harmful to health. This puts pressure on the kidneys and heart. Health experts believe that such publicity was done at a time when people were not fitness freaks. Did not eat fruits. Juices and green tea were not in practice. All these things maintain the level of water in the body. If a person is consuming these things, they do not need to drink more water than thirst.

How Much Water Do You Drink?

Different people drink different concentrations of water, Maybe eight to ten glasses or even more. May keep a water bottle with you. Some people have a habit of drinking one sip of water every five minutes. Many people keep drinking water throughout the day. The reasons are many; some feel that drinking water causes weight loss.

Someone drinks water for the sake of beautiful skin. It is not that all these advantages of water are not true, but there is also a truth that drinking too much water is harmful to us. Most people are aware of the benefits of water only. Very few people know how dangerous water can be. Experts believe that if a person drinks excess water, there is extra pressure on his kidney, causing severe harm.

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By drinking excess water, the kidney has to work more than its capacity. He further writes that the person should drink 10 glasses or 1 liter of water every day; no one knows where the advice came from. This advice has no scientific basis. A man’s body is made up of 70 percent water, so he does not need much water. He should only drink as much water as he is thirsty.


The heart acts as a pump in our body, carrying oxygenated blood to all organs’ end. This work goes on continuously from birth till death. The blood reaching the right side of the heart is then pumped and transported to the lungs. In the lungs, impurities or carbon dioxide are filtered, and pure oxygenated blood is transported from the left part of the heart to each body’s cell.

But we also believe that there is a situation of confusion among people regarding how much water should be drunk. People understand that a health expert means pure normal water when it comes to drinking water, while the truth is that a health expert means that water we take daily, which goes into our body through different things of food.

Drinking too much water also puts you at risk of heart failure. In fact, in the last few years, water has been promoted so much that every person considers water a health tonic. He feels that the solution to all health problems is hidden in the fact that a lot of water should be drunk daily. Doctors do not deny the benefits of water. She believes that water is indeed an essential thing for life.

In the winter, even if you are afraid to put your hands in water when it comes to drinking water by heating it, you are lazy and get cold water. In winter, doctors recommend drinking lukewarm water, and it has many meanings. In winter, cold water harms children and the elderly; it becomes a problem for ordinary people.

Let’s know what the disadvantages of drinking cold water in winter, which you usually ignore, are

Side Effects Of Drinking Cold Water

1. Risk of a Heart attack

Drinking cold water in winters slows down the heartbeat because the heart has to work extra hard to soak the body’s cold water. After research, scientists have said that drinking cold water increases the risk of a heart attack because cold water shrinks the body’s vagus nerve. Keep in mind that these nerves control your nervous system, which contains many activities of the body. There is an increased risk of a heart attack when the nerve is disturbed. Therefore you must have heard more cases of a heart attack in winter.

2. Sinus problem

Cold water in winter can cause sinuses. The damage caused by drinking cold water takes the form of the sinus in winter. This causes mucus in the nose and causes difficulty in breathing. If breathing is difficult, the respiratory tract is stressed, and there may be an asthma attack. Sinus patients should not drink cold water at all in winter.

3. Tonsils

Drinking cold water in winter increases the problem of tonsils.

4. Increases constipation

Constipation is caused by drinking cold water in winter. Cold water cannot clean the food present in the intestines, and it causes constipation.

Mostly heart patients should stay away from cold water and cold things as their nervous system is weak in winter. Drinking cold water after eating food in winter has its effect directly on your gall bladder. This is very harmful. Science says that our body’s normal temperature is 37 ° C. Therefore, the water of 20-22 degrees Celsius temperature is right for our body. Do not drink cold water more than this.

Remedy – The only solution is to avoid drinking cold water in winter. Drink lukewarm water rather than hot or hot water. Lukewarm water is good for the heart, and this will strengthen your metabolism in the winter because lukewarm water will clean the intestines. Allow children and the elderly to drink lukewarm water, mostly.

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