Best Water Softener In India- Review And Buying Guide

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Are you looking for a water softener? Then don’t worry, you are at the best water softener guide page. Here you will get all the information regarding a water softener including its working principle and benefits. So keep reading this informative article till the end. Here we are going to start with what is water softener followed by how it is suitable for bringing soft water.

What Is Water Softener?

A water softener is an electrical and non-electrical machine which is based on the traditional or advances technology.  It reduces the higher concentration of dissolved Calcium and Magnesium ion in the water. This electrical device doesn’t remove the water contamination but only minimises the Calcium and Magnesium excess ion by ion exchange.

The excess of Calcium and Magnesium ion in the water makes water hard in nature so that the water becomes harsh for the human skin and hair along with the electrical appliances like water heater. But the removal of these ions excess concentration makes water soft as a result it becomes safe for human use.

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Have you ever observed that your detergent or soap is not properly frothing? Well!! This may be due to the hard water or excessive concentration of Calcium and Magnesium ion in the water as these ions block the frothing action of soap and detergents.

Types Of Water Softener

A water softener can be various types but depending upon the technology used in the water softer; it can be of three types which are

1. Ion Exchange Water Softener

A water softener based on ion exchange technology uses sodium ion to replace the excess of calcium and magnesium ion so that the hard water gets converted into the soft water.

2. Electromagnetic Water Softener

The electromagnetic water softener machine is also known as a magnetic water softener. This water softener machine is different from a traditional water softener device. This form of a water softener is mostly used in home and agriculture for eliminating unwanted hardness of the water.

3. Salt-Free Water Softener

This form of water softener does nothing special but only reduces the excess concentration of Calcium and Magnesium ion present in the water without using any chemicals.

What Are The Benefits Of Water Softener?

Having a water softener at home gives you various benefits, some of them are listed below.

1. Makes Skin Healthier & Soft

In the case of regular use of hard water for bathing and washing may make your skin extremely dry. In this situation, you need to put a high concentration of moisture to help reduce the irritation that occurs due to the dry skin. On the other hand, soft water acts more gently on your skin and allow it to maintain its one moist as soft water has an optimum concentration of minerals in it.

2. Reduces Your Soap & Detergent Reuses

You will always get soft water from the installation of water softener, and soap and detergent work very well in soft water so that you can easily wash your clothes. The hard water blocks the frothing ability of the soap and detergent, which will result in using more soap and detergent. But your detergent and soap work well in the soft water.

3. Makes Your Hair Healthy

The access minerals present in hard water get deposited on our scalp, which leads to dandruff, and this later increases the problem of hair fall which causes baldness but when you install the water softener these issues get reduces. Because this device converts hard water into soft water so that the number of access minerals present in the water gets reduced, which results in less hair fall.

4. Protect Your Electronic Appliance

The excess concentration of calcium and magnesium ion get deposited on your electronic home appliances like a water heater, coffee machine, etc. The deposition of the ions over these machines may reduce the efficiency of the machine, and along with that, it may also damage the machine permanently.

5. Keep Your Titles And Floor Brighten

As we have discussed in the above paragraph that hard water makes the washing work harder. Due to hard water, your tiles and the floor looks dirty it is because the excess concentration of calcium and magnesium ion in the water blocks the cleaning action of the detergents. But, when you install a water softener, it converts the hard water into soft water which reduces the effort you apply to clean your house.

Best Water Softener In India

  • Doctor Fresh Water Softener
  • Kent Water Softener
  • 3M Water Softener
  • Alkara Water Softener
  • Aquasoft Water Softener
  • Aquaguard Water Softener
  • IFB Water Softener
  • Aquasonic Water Softener
  • Blue Bird Water Softener

Factor To Consider While Buying A Water Softener For Your Home

If you are all set to buy a water softener for your home, then you should know that considering these factor will help you get the best desirable machine for your house at a best and affordable price anywhere in India. Below we have listed some of the crucial factors which you must consider while buying a water softener.

1. Technology Used In The Water Softener

As we have discussed in the above paragraph that a water softener is based on the various techniques like ion exchange, electromagnetic, and salt-free technology thus you can check for the technology used in the water softener. However, the ion exchange water softener is one of the widely used water softeners.

2. Mode Of Operation

A water softener can be of two types one of fully automatic while other is semi-automatic. These days people are looking for the fully automatic machine as in this water softener you need not put extra effort to recharge your resin beads. But, in case of semi-automatic water softener, you need to perform resin bread recharge process manually.

3. Price Of Water Softener

The water softener price depends upon the various factor like the technology used in the water softener, the capacity of the water softener, and the brands of the water softener. Along with this the price of the water softener also depends on the other features present in it.

4. Brands Of Water Softener

There are various brands of water softener in India in the above paragraph we have listed some of the tops and reputed brands of water softener which you can buy according to your needs. The best brands of water softener use top quality raw material so that it can work for a long time.


If you are concerned about your look and skin health then water softener is one of the much-needed equipment for your house because this device converts the hard water into the soft water. As a result, your skin looks younger and healthier. Soft water also protects your various kinds of skin disease like eczema. Soft water also keeps your hair healthy and reduces your hair fall thus if you are facing issues like hair fall then must consider installing it. Above we have shared some of the best water softeners in India which will help you to buy the best and suitable water softener for your household.

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