Hathras Gang Rape And Murder


While on the one hand, we loot the glory of the world on the success of the Mars mission; on the other hand, we are pushing our country towards a country where rapes like felony are happing regularly.

The case of 2012 and 2019 is still not calm, that another rape case shook us. A 19-year-old girl is gang-raped.  Every time a new level of cruelty is being crossed, the criminals throwing the girl’s bare body on the road sometimes burn the girl’s body by using petrol, or sometimes they beat brutally.

Every time one of the heart-wrenching cases are coming up, and what do we do, every time we take out a rally/candle march, and then we sit quietly and wait for the new case. And what our leader as doing?

Instead of making a strict rule against women’s safety, our leaders bury each other and bake their bread, and when it comes to work, they take their place.

On September 14, 2020, a 19-year Dalit woman was gang-raped and brutally beaten in Hathras district, Uttar Pradesh, forcefully by four high society men. The girl has died at Safdarjung Hospital after two weeks when she is brutalized by the accused. The Hathras case had turned into an eventful political drama when U.P. police forcibly cremated the victim without her family’s consent. The arrests were made within 10 days of the incident, claimed by the victim’s brother. The case received widespread attention condemnation across the country, and the subject of protests starts against Uttar Pradesh police and government.

The whole case started when a 19-year-old woman was assaulted by four men at her native village and left her with several fractures like a spinal fracture, injured limbs, and severe wounds in her tongue. The Uttar Pradesh police were widely criticized for their slow response in the case. The state police claimed that there was no rape involved in this case, as it is also proved in the forensic report. After the victim’s death, the topic turned into a high-voltage drama, and so-called leaders are starts touring Hathras to support the victim’s family. Several political parties are waiting to use the tragedy as a platform to launch the carrier of their leaders.

The Timeline Of The Hathras Gang-rape

Incident– The incident took place on September 14, when a Dalit woman went to a farm to collect fodder. According to the victims’ family, four men, Sandip, Ramu, Lavkush, and Ravi, forcefully dragged her away by dupatta around her neck and Gang-raped. The complaint registered on September 20 and recorded a statement on 22. The victim is initially admitted to the Aligarh Hospital; then, she was shifted to Safdarjung Hospital as the condition worsened.

Cremation– the victim was cremated on the midnight of September 29 by Uttar Pradesh police without the family members’ knowledge. The victim’s brother alleged that it was done by using petrol after locking them in the house.

The Role Of Police And Administration

After broke out the news through social media, the local police called it fake news and nothing more than a caste-based tension. The forensic report also supports the statement made by Uttar Pradesh police. The police and administration’s role came under the scanner when the family alleged that they were forced by the local administration to change their statement. After spreading all the news, a three-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) was set by CM Yogi Adityanath to probe the whole incident, which was expected to submit the report by October 16.

Arrests And Compensation

All the four accused were arrested by Hathras police named Sandip, Ramu, Lavkush, and Ravi, on an attempt to murder and Gang-Rape. The accused brother claimed that no arrest was made after registering complaint even after a week. The state chief minister Yogi Adityanath announced a 25 lakh compensation and a junior assistant job for her family member. Along with that, a house has also been allotted to the family in Hathras under the state urban development agency scheme.


The whole case has received widespread public, media, and political attention across the country. Protests were started against Uttar Pradesh chief minister and police by activists and opposition. The former chief minister Mayawati demands the resignation of Yogi Adityanath, Congress leader Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi were detained by state police to attempt to visit the victim’s village. Many activist organizations are coming into the support of the accused and demand justice.

The Current Investigation Reports

The investigators claimed that the main accused was in touch with the victim’s brother and made at least 100 interchanges in the past five months from the number registered in the victim’s brother’s name. The police are planning to seek a response from the victim’s brother on the basis of more than five hours of talk between these two between October 2019 and March 2020. The SIT investigation is still under process and submit their report after 10 days. The villagers are also told that the accused were always in touch with the family members.

The Hathras administration claims the victim’s family has been continuously changing statements, especially mother and brother, and the other members have remained silent. After making different statements, the family members are also hiding something that, as the initial report shows, there is no intercourse found in the physical examination.

On the other hand, the forensic team made few critical errors as the forensic examination was conducted after eight days after the incident, and sperms can’t survive more than 90 hours. According to the guidelines, the forensic samples should be taken within 72 hours in the women’s murder and rape case.

Know Hathras Case And All The Misinformation In A Nutshell

Her father cremated the victim in Uttar Pradesh police and administration, and the victim was not gang-raped; the victim’s tongue was not cut-off, but there was a cut mark on this. There was a nationwide outrage, and there are several contradictions, and claims are making confusion in the Hathras case. Several social activists and social media users are making the same claim, but we all are waiting for the truth because the girl was brutally beaten and murdered in her village.

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