10 Best Bluetooth Speakers In India- one needs to look before buying

21 century is the era of innovations. Therefore, the time changes a lot. Due to the continuous improvement of Bluetooth devices, today’s generation concentrates more on innovative things. Now people prefer minimalistic designs than the traditional wired design of a speaker. That’s the reason popular phone manufacturers started removing audio jacks from their devices. Giant

Hathras Gang Rape And Murder

While on the one hand, we loot the glory of the world on the success of the Mars mission; on the other hand, we are pushing our country towards a country where rapes like felony are happing regularly. The case of 2012 and 2019 is still not calm, that another rape case shook us. A

The Air Quality In Delhi Starts Deteriorating Again; Jahangirpuri And Rohini Already In Poor Category

After releasing lockdown, the air quality has started deteriorating and already falls under the poor category as Rohini and jahangirpuri where air quality index (AQI) is 206 and 230 respectively. Earlier a government forecasting agency stated that the air quality in Delhi likely to fall poor by October. When we talk about the air quality

Unlock 5.0- cinema halls, entertainment parks, and swimming pools are allowed to open.

The ministry of home affairs issued new guidelines on Wednesday to reopen theaters, swimming pools, entertainment parks from the 15th of October. It is also stated that higher education institutions where research scholars and post-graduate students need to access a research laboratory will also be permitted for science and technology stream. The extended guidelines will

Tips For Healthy Skin

How do we get beautiful and glowing skin? How can our face become spotless? These are some of the questions that we all ask dermatologists. Repeatedly ask and expect a straightforward answer from them. We all dream of clean, beautiful, and radiant skin. Nobody likes to see pimples, dark spots, swollen eyes, or dark circles

5 Health Benefits Of Yoga

You must have heard that yoga is beneficial for our health, and it is also possible that some people have even tried it and discovered that it makes you feel better. A consistent practice of yoga offers you various physical and mental health benefits. Some of the expected benefits of yoga are improved flexibility. Today