Goa Trip: The Best Time To Visit Goa

best time to visit goaAre you planning on a Goa trip? But not sure which is the best time to visit Goa. Don’t worry; here we will discuss Goa weather, tourist place, and the best time to visit Goa. The best time to visit Goa is winter i.e., between November to February. This is the season when temperature range around 32-32 degree Celcius.

This is also the peak season for the tourist in Goa. Another great time to visit Goa is from June to September because this is Mansoon season, and if you love the beach in rains, this is the best season to visit Goa.

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The summer season is not good for visiting Goa. Because in summer, the temperature ranges from 25 to 35 degrees Celcius. The weather from March to May is extremely hot and humid which makes your Goa trips almost tiring.

Goa Weather According To Season

Season Temperature (Degree Celcius)
Summer 25-35
Monsoons 24-30
Winter 20-32

 Monthly Weather In Goa

Months Max/Min Temperature Rain
January 31℃/21℃ 0 days
February 32℃/21℃ 0 days
March 32℃/22℃ 1 day
April 34℃/25℃ 2 days
May 33℃/26℃ 0 days
June 30℃/25℃ 22 days
July 28℃/25℃ 31 days
August 28℃/25℃ 30 days
September 28℃/24℃ 26 days
October 31℃/24℃ 26 days
November 32℃/24℃ 4 days
December 33℃/23℃ 0 days


Note- Slight Change in Max/Min Temperature and Rain days are possible

Goa In Winter

Winter in Goa is all about lit up and crowded streets, watching, fellow tourists whiz by you in a scooter and dancing the night away with your loved ones. Goa being warm place and a victim of strong sunrays, winter season grant it mercy to the land of a good time. Winter season in Goa doesn’t disappoint the adventure in you as you can enjoy the thrill of water sports at the various beach.

Things To Do Before You Visit Goa In Winter

If you are looking for peace, then we advise you to visit South Goa. But if you are willing to explore the nightlife of the Goa, then visit the North Goa. Also, keep in mind that Goa remains shut between 1 and 4 pm, thus plan your trip accordingly.

Tips To Consider While Visiting Goa In Winter

  • As this is the peak season in Goa thus make sure that your tickets are book in advance
  • Plan your trip according to the weather
  • While packing include both warm and cool clothes along with sunglasses and sunscreen

Goa In Monsoon

In monsoons, Goa is home to frequent rain showers, subtle drizzles with the chance of thunderstorms. With the scent of the salty sea mixing with an earthy aroma, Goa is great for the nature lover. In winter, days are humid in Goa, but night gives some relief by being cool and pleasant.

Things To Do Before Your Visit Goa In Monsoons

  • Must check for the weather when you are booking your ticket and accommodation
  • Book a hotel which centrally located and easily accessible easily
  • Don’t forget to keep some cash when you are visiting a remote area and beaches
  • While booking accommodation look for the discount as this is not the peak season to visit Goa

Tips To Consider While Visiting Goa In Monsoons

  • Don’t forget to carry a lightweight jacket and windcheaters
  • Also carry sunscreen, sports shoes, mosquito repellent, and torches when planning for an adventure outdoors

Goa In Summer

The weather of Goa is all about watching the sunrise, laying on the sandy beaches by the sea to get yourself a tan, and shipping on a cold beverage to beat the summer. Although if you think that heat can not harm anyone and wish to take up the challenge, try out some water sports like snorkeling, jet skilling, scuba diving, and others.

Things To Do Before Visiting Goa In Summer

  • As the summer season is off-season thus look for the discount on accommodation and other things
  • Must plan your activity and itinerary, keeping in mind the weather
  • Always wear a hat and sunglasses when going outside so that it can protect you from heat
  • Try to go outside after 4 PM

Tips To Consider While Going Goa In Summer

  • As the weather in summer is Goa is hot thus carry cool and cotton clothes
  • To stay hydrated continuously consume water, juice, and coconut water
  • If you are planning for water sport activity, try going in the early hours of the morning

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